These are passengers’ rights if your flight is canceled

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If your flight is cancelled, the airline is obligated to refund you no matter what you say at the counter. No need to receive vouchers or credits. The Department of Transport has detailed the rights of passengers.

Can I get a refund for my ticket if my flight is cancelled?

The DOT policy states: and you choose not to travel.

There was a question about what the significant delay means. In this regard, DOT states:

“Whether you are eligible for a refund depends on many factors, including the length of your delay, the length of your flight, and your specific circumstances. We will decide if you are eligible.”

Even if you book a non-refundable ticket, it must be refundable and must include additional charges such as baggage charges and seat selection.

The airline has 7 days to issue a refund.

Minor issue – still need to go home

Most people don’t choose not to travel when their flight is significantly delayed or cancelled. Not usually an option for someone trying to get home from a trip. In this case, the airline must rebook the next available flight free of charge. (In other words, if the new seats are more than you had, you cannot charge more for the ticket.)

If my flight is cancelled, can the airline put me on another airline’s flight?

yes. The airline is not obliged to put you on another airline’s flight, but they may do so. Contact your airline or check online to see if there are seats available on another airline and ask if the first airline will transfer your ticket to that airline. No need to do this.

Airlines such as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines may book new flights on partner airlines.

Southwest Airlines – the airline that canceled more than 2,000 flights in the past few days – is not part of an airline alliance, so it’s not an option.

If my flight is cancelled, will the airline be required to provide a hotel room or reimburse me for other travel-related expenses?

DOT says no. Airlines are not required to provide monetary or other compensation to passengers for canceled tickets and non-fee costs.

But the good news is that each airline has its own policy on what to do with passengers whose flights are canceled. Don’t be afraid to ask if

DOT recently launched this airline customer service dashboard that shows exactly what each airline promises to its passengers in the event of a “controllable” delay or cancellation. These are delays or cancellations due to mechanical problems, staff shortages, or delays in cleaning, refueling or baggage handling. Delays or cancellations due to weather or safety reasons do not count. You can also check the cancellation policy directly on each airline’s web page below.

We have previously communicated proposed rule changes to make it easier for passengers to obtain refunds. Public comment on ticket refunds and consumer protection closed on December 16, 2022.

Click here for frequently asked questions about passenger rights.

What other benefits are there if my flight is cancelled?

Of course, if you have travel insurance, you get more perks than what the airline offers. Many credit cards offer travel insurance if you are forced to book hotels or meals due to cancellations.

Where can I make an airline complaint?

If you have a problem with an airline, you can file a formal complaint with the Ministry of Transport. You can file a complaint here.

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