Kraft Heinz funds project turning sugar into fiber

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BOSTON — Kraft Heinz funded a two-year study at Harvard University’s Wyeth Institute in Boston to convert sugar into fiber in the gut, reducing the amount of sugar absorbed into the bloodstream.

The research is based on enzymes that plants use to convert sugars into fiber. Wyss Labs looked for a way to add enzymes to food without altering the sugar content.Wyss encapsulated enzymes in spherical nanoparticles to protect them during the food manufacturing process. The enzyme remained encapsulated until exposed to the elevated pH that occurs during gastric-to-gut transition. Once it reached the intestine, the enzyme opened up and turned the sugar into fiber.

Kraft Heinz initially contacted Wyss about finding ways to reduce the amount of sugar in foods without sacrificing sugar’s beneficial properties. For example, caramelizing to give baked goods a brown color, thickening jams and preserves, and creating an acidic environment to reduce spoilage.

Judith Mocha, Head of Technology Discovery and Development at Kraft Heinz, said:

The findings could help Kraft Heinz meet its goal of reducing the total amount of sugar in its products by more than 60 million pounds by 2025, said John, head of research strategy at Kraft Heinz. Topinka said.

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