Overcoming Winter Holiday Travel Woes Starts With Acceptance

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Experts are predicting record holiday travel periods that are sure to cause unforeseen problems, especially for those using the air and roads during rush hour.

But that’s not all. A once-in-a-generation winter storm system is projected to further complicate vacation planning for Americans.

Unfortunately, those predictions collapsed in 2022, forcing airlines to cancel tens of thousands of flights and leaving countless travelers stranded at airports across the country. This time of year is the worst-case scenario, but it’s simplistic to call it a surprise.

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A hellish vacation week like the one we’re experiencing now has happened before, and was foretold in hit movies decades ago. home alone Also planes, trains, carsAnd while things may have looked very different last year and when travel volumes were severely curtailed in pandemic-plagued 2020, travel isn’t just back, it’s skyrocketing. It’s time to accept that

I’m not here to tell people not to travel on Christmas or New Year’s, as Christmas and New Year’s are important traditions and a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, there are a few steps you should take when traveling to the United States during this time to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. You have to learn to accept quickly.

Remember to keep busy. At best, security lines are long and winding, airport restaurants are packed, flights are packed.

Then there are the occasional overbooked flights, with bumped passengers or last-minute delays. Cancellation will inevitably occur. The X Factor is snow, ice, and blizzard conditions that are not uncommon in many parts of the United States in late December.

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A plane taxiing at the airport during a winter storm. (Photo via iStock/Getty Images Plus/uatp2)

Sure, patience runs out, and it’s always fun to criticize or shame an airline on social media, but in the past week, how many trips have you arrived at the airport without checking your flight status beforehand? How many people are there?

Add in a cross-country storm system outside the control of these carriers and you’re forced to shake your fist at Mother Nature.

Winter storm Elliot has already claimed dozens of lives across the country. Missing a flight is one thing, but losing a loved one is quite another. At times like this, it’s important to be objective.

Getting mad at the check-in desk or taking your frustrations out on other travelers going through the same difficulties may provide much-needed relief in the moment, but in the end it’s non-existent. Be productive and you’ll feel guilty in the future.

While there are many positive and productive ways to celebrate the holidays when plans go awry, not everyone can be so laid back under the intense stress and pressure of contacting family and friends while on vacation. It may be too late to re-plan your holiday trips this year, but next year will definitely be there.

Instead of holding your finger and pointing, find a solution.

I recommend consulting trip advisor before your next winter vacation. These professionals are ready to advocate on your behalf should anything go wrong and can even guide you to the right travel insurance policy to keep you out of trouble. Even as it costs your hard earned dollars.

But until next year, learn to anticipate the worst, accept the things you can’t control, and maintain the right perspective if your vacation travel plans don’t come to fruition.

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