Southwest passenger in Bozeman talks about travel ‘nightmare’

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Toni DeMatteis arrived at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA on Thursday.

“We got to the airport on the 22nd. Our flight was canceled when we got in,” says DeMatteis. “We were trying to find another flight, but ended up having to drive to Ontario. [California]I had to fly with another airline and it cost me $2,000 to buy those tickets. ”

Southwest Airlines canceled 15,750 flights nationwide beginning with winter weather on Dec. 22, according to CNN. Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport experienced approximately 25 Southwest Airlines cancellations in eight days. In total, there were approximately 8 cancellations per day. DeMatteis is one of the lucky ones, arriving in Bozeman in time for Christmas, but going home is another story.

“Two days ago, my return flight that was supposed to be yesterday was cancelled, so now I’m on a different airline that I had to buy a ticket for,” says DeMatteis. “It was her $1,800 today for her daughter and I because we had to pay like any other flight.”

She says she’s been trying to get a refund, but it didn’t work out with the airline.

DeMatteis said:

Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport CEO Brian Sprenger said Southwest Airlines, like many other airlines, canceled flights last week due to cold weather and is struggling to catch up. Told.

“What’s really happening is that Southwest has a very slow recovery period, which is causing a lot of problems for passengers across the country,” Sprenger said.

He said Southwest Airlines is only operating a third of its flight schedule, but has high hopes for the rest of the week.

“We expect to be up and running on a full schedule tomorrow,” says Sprenger.

Sprenger warns passengers to pay attention to the weather and listen to airlines when traveling in the future.

“When people see notifications from airlines, especially those that allow them to change flights in advance due to storms and such, I think it’s important to understand that. Take a closer look,” Sprenger said. says.

As for DeMatteis, she has no plans to fly southwest anytime soon.

“Maybe, but not for a while now, because it’s been a nightmare,” says DeMatteis.

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