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Green Country Man Thankful To Be Home After Travel Nightmares

The travel nightmare is still happening for people across the country and in Tulsa.

Jeremy Penney said his family’s trip back to Tulsa was exhausting and long, but it doesn’t compare to other travel stories he’s heard.

Jeremy has never been more grateful to be back in Tulsa while caring for horses on family land.

“You get off the turnpike and you see the lights of Hard Rock. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, I’m glad I saw this.'”

His family has booked a trip to Tampa in the Southwest and left last Thursday.

“We got to Dallas and the flight was delayed, pushed back, pushed back,” Jeremy said. “We finally made it to Tampa.”

He, his wife, two daughters aged 2 and 16, and his in-laws were planning to enjoy Christmas in Florida and return home on Monday. Trouble started when they arrived in Chicago.

“I notice cancellations that aren’t a big deal. I think, ‘They’re going to put me on the next flight.’ Then I look at the screen and all the flights from the Southwest are canceled and I’m like, ‘What am I going to do?’ ?”

Jeremey took a video of packages stacked on Chicago’s Midway.

He was told he had to stay until December 31st, but it didn’t work out.

There were no rental cars under $1,600, so his family had to Uber to get another car and drive 11 hours to Chicago O’Hare, an hour away.

“I spent $800 on the car just to drive it one way,” he said.

Jeremy said he was grateful they got home safely and that he knew he was just one of thousands of horror stories.

Jeremy said, “What can you do?

His family’s luggage is still missing. But Jeremy said he knew at this point.