Green Country Passengers Deal With Continued Travel Disruptions

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More canceled flights means more passengers stranded across the country, including Tulsa.

“I missed my flight in Dallas because my departure from Tulsa was delayed by an hour,” said Kyle Romenick.

Lomenik says he still feels lucky, despite spending a full day at the airport.

“We spent 24 hours in Dallas. It wasn’t comfortable, but we were one of the lucky few who got to stay in the hotel and by the grace of God made it to our final destination.” I will,” Romenik said. .

Others were not so lucky.

Tiffany Elder had planned a flight from Tulsa to Los Angeles with her family, but after waiting six hours, her flight was cancelled.

“I have no choice,” said the elder. I had another flight on my phone and everything was already booked. ”

The elder had to turn back and go home, but she says she’s trying to stay healthy.

“It is good to be sad,” said the elder. “It is not good to have a bad attitude.” Cheer up little children. ”

Some of those who do make it have a message saying that their return flight may be affected, so it’s important to keep checking with the airline.

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