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Gee & Ursula: Is the answer to just NOT travel during the holidays?

Maybe it’s not snow and ice or badly run airlines.

On The Gee & Ursula Show, Gee Scott said: I can’t leave here for four days.”

Gee said it really happened at the Phoenix airport

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“When you’re on vacation saying, ‘Oh, I’m sorry. We haven’t reached our destination in four days. What?

Fill-in host Aaron Mason completely agreed with Gee and went one step further.

“I have a rule that I don’t travel on vacation,” Aaron said. “If I want to get together in early December, or more generally in January.

But it may not just be the combination of blizzards and holidays. Both hosts talked about how staffing has become an issue since the pandemic.

Aaron said flying on vacation has yet another problem. It’s your luggage.

“Browsing Twitter, there is a video posted of a man saying, ‘I would like to inform you that you could have made billions of dollars by stealing 1,500 suitcases yesterday. There’s also a video of baggage claim, just bags and bags and bags open, no one’s looking at them, people with bags are probably not in the city or leaving the airport It is said

“It’s a complete mess.”

Southwest Airlines cancels more flights, draws federal investigation

Ji said thousands of passengers were stranded. The situation is so bad that the Ministry of Transport has ordered an investigation.

“They will fine Southwest [Airlines]”They’ll bargain it down to a lower amount,” Gee said. It has become a target.”

Aaron said he’s interested in what the Department of Transportation is going to do.

“I remember Secretary of State Pete Buttigieg was on TV a few months ago on this little press tour and he said he was going to start holding these airlines accountable. We created these new rules and this is what they have to do,” Aaron explained.

There was a lot to build up for this holiday season, but for whatever reason it didn’t work out.

“I think it’s going to have pretty serious ramifications, as this is clearly just a breakdown of the toothpick and chewing gum model that airlines are using to prop up the industry,” Aaron concluded.

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