New details after man blew up car inside Everett Fred Meyer

Dan Smith

A 56-year-old Olympia man has been charged with second-degree arson and first-degree malicious mischief after driving past Everett Fred Mayer.

Everett Police reported that the incident began around 6pm on Friday when officers were alerted to harassment at 8530 Evergreen Way Fred Mayer.

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Backup was called when a man drove a car filled with propane and gasoline out the front door.

When the police arrived, they saw the man pour gasoline on himself.

The employee told police the driver was "behaving strangely and not responding to requests to move the vehicle," according to the documents.

Everett Police Department (EPD) Officer Ola Hummel said, "He could see gas cans and propane tanks in the car." was wearing a respirator around his neck."

Hamel said officers knew people were in danger.

"He told the cops he was going to blow up his car," she said. "There were a lot of people around, so he let the other officers know he needed help. They came in and started evacuating the store."

Police said the driver was wearing a ventilator with a filter around his neck "presumably to keep him from passing out from the fumes from the propane and gasoline filling the car."

According to police, this initiated about an hour of negotiations, in which the man made demands and police convinced him he was in a mental health crisis.

"[He] He pointed to where the gas was and kept threatening to blow up the car," Hamel said, referring to the torch lighter the man had. I said I took these actions so I could talk to the FBI."

Negotiations eventually broke down, with police saying the man exploded when he saw him squatting in the car. Authorities said the store was completely evacuated at the time and police were talking to him on the phone, so the man was the only one injured in the explosion.

He was treated, taken to a local hospital, and later arrested.

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