Flood survivors battle cold in travel trailers

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Hazard, Kentucky (WYMT) – The sun shone at times on Friday, but it didn’t affect frigid temperatures across the region.

“I have my heat set to 84 and it’s still showing 59 here,” said Michelle Reed.

The thin trailer walls only protect the flood survivors from the frigid gusts of wind, and that’s because the electricity works.

“If the electricity goes off, we have no heat. We have propane heat, but the blower is electric. So when the electricity is lost, we have no heat,” Reed added.

Some have already faced that harsh reality. A maintenance worker used a heat gun to try to heat her pump and water pipes.

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Packing up and leaving is not as easy as it sounds.

“We can’t leave. Even if we could, if there were other places to go, we wouldn’t be here,” Reed said.

In what appears to be an arctic desert, some survivors feel mentally alone.

“We feel like we’ve been forgotten a lot. Most people I talk to don’t even know these campers are here. It’s kind of back to normal, but it’s not normal for us,” Reid said.

External pressure continues to rise in an already difficult situation.

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