Storm causes flooding, car crashes in the South Valley

Dan Smith

Hanford, Calif. (KFSN) -- Rainfall hit the valley floor hard on Tuesday with flooding, power outages and multiple crashes.

Hanford's California Highway Patrol said it answered multiple calls. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

"When it rains like this, we get a lot of calls for service, a lot of them are car accidents," said Tim Palmer of the California Highway Patrol. "Rain has a strange effect on people while driving." explained.

Caltrans and PG in spite of busy days&E said their crew was able to handle everything that came in smoothly and is gearing up for the upcoming showers.

“Yesterday our fence crew did quite a bit of work getting the fences and guardrails ready, but other than that they haven't made much progress and it's been a bit of a breather for the crew, but the next storm We're ready for it to come in," said Elizabeth Yelton, District 6 spokesperson for Caltrans.

"What we've seen is what we'll probably see in the next few rounds of the storm. The crew is ready, keeping an eye on the storm and resting as much as possible," said PG.&E spokesperson Denny Boyles said:

CHP says it's important to remind everyone to take extra precautions at all times, such as making sure their cars are ready.

"Make sure your vehicle has good tires, your headlights work and your windshield wipers work. This is very important to reach your destination safely. You're hydroplaning, so don't take a break," Palmer explained.

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