Mets, Carlos Correa optimistic deal will work out after concerns

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The long-awaited completion of Carlos Correa’s blockbuster contract with the Mets was put on hold for the Christmas holidays on Sunday.

The Mets and Correa camps are said to be trying to resolve the issue after the team mentioned problems with Correa’s physical examinations on Thursday and Friday in New York. It is believed to be related to ankle surgery and subsequent MRI in 2014.

Before the vacation was temporarily suspended, both teams had discussed the questionable MRI value and joint “function” and Correa’s history of reliability. Correa has missed just 14 games on average over the last three his seasons, and he has not had any relevant treatment since his 2014 surgery, according to agent Scott Boras.

The Mets and Correa camps were said to be “in the works” on Saturday, and there seems to be some optimism that things could work out. The Mets knew Giants doctors discovered the problem when the Mets and Correa camps agreed late at night to his $315 million 12-year contract that rocked New York. .

Following the Mets’ findings, several other teams have checked in. However, unlike in the case of the Giants, who told the Correa camp that they needed more time, representatives of the Mets and Correa said after this latest checkup, Boras told reporters in New York on Thursday. It seems that more substantive discussions are taking place between

Carlos Correa
The Mets are optimistic about signing Carlos Correa.
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Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa’s MRI raised concerns.
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Following the agreement between Mets owner Steve Cohen and Bolas, there were many rumors about the deal on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. (2:30 a.m. New York time) in Hawaii, where Cohen was vacationing. There was excitement. (Boras was calling from San Francisco, where Correa’s press conference was canceled hours earlier.)

“We needed one more and that’s it,” Cohen told the Post shortly after the deal was agreed. “This was important. …This puts us on top.”

Correa is said to be similarly excited about the chance to join the star-studded Mets team. The team now has a record-breaking $380+ million roster and a chance to be a World Series favorite (if the deal goes through). Despite being considered the two or three best defensive shortstops in the game, if not the best in the game, Correa was told he had no problem giving up shortstop and moved to third base to play his friend’s. Added support for Francisco Lindor.

Scott Boras speaks at the Yankees press conference introducing Carlos Rodon.
Scott Boras speaks at the Yankees press conference introducing Carlos Rodon.

Much of the Mets’ post-physical narrative seems to relate to the value of relying on MRI for reliability and performance in the real field. Ultimately, though, the teams may at least have to agree on language to protect the Mets. It’s unclear if Correa has enough motivation to agree to any changes to the terms, or if the Mets will suggest anything along those lines.

Boras agreed to a $110 million five-year deal with Boston after a Red Sox examination pointed to past foot problems with J.

While in town for Carlos Rodon’s Yankees press conference, Boras told reporters in New York on Thursday that “there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Carlos’ health right now.” seems to be

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