Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey agrees to remove border wall of shipping containers

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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (Republican) plans to remove a barrier of shipping containers stacked along part of the U.S.-Mexico border after reaching a deal with the federal government.

News promotion: Arizona has agreed to halt the installation of more containers along its border and remove existing containers by Jan. 4, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

  • “By January 4, 2023, to the extent practicable and to avoid damaging the land, property, and natural resources of the United States, Arizona shall remove all previously installed shipping containers and related We will remove the equipment, materials and vehicles that will be used,” the contract states. .

Big picture: It follows a lawsuit filed by the Biden administration last week to order a court to stop building a barrier in Arizona and remove the containers.

  • The lawsuit cited operational and environmental concerns as at least part of the reason for ordering Ducey to remove the wall.

What they say: CJ Karamargin, a spokesperson for Ducey’s office, said the Arizona governor intended the border wall to be a “stoppable measure” and that “the federal government will take steps to build a permanent barrier.” If so,” the state said it would remove the container.

  • “Finally, after the border situation turned into a full-blown crisis, they decided to act,” Karamargin said in a statement.
  • “Better than being late. We are working with the federal government to ensure that construction of this barrier can begin with the urgency this issue requires.”

What’s next: Karamargin said the final details regarding the removal of the structure are still being worked out.

  • Democratic Governor-elect Katie Hobbs is set to take office next month.

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