U.S. FDA weighs regulations on cannabis products in food and diet supplements

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering potential food and dietary supplement guidelines for the use of legal cannabis-derived products in the coming months, nearly four years after hemp was legalized under federal law. The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that it could.

The FDA will decide in the coming months on how legal cannabis and cannabis-derived cannabidiol (CBD) should be regulated, officials told the Times.

FDA adviser Norman Birenbaum said in the article, “When you’re looking at such a huge market that’s so available and utilized, perfection cannot be the enemy of goodness. I think. “The market is not broadly regulated.”

The FDA’s work came after a Virginia child died after eating gummies containing Delta 8, an ingredient made from hemp.

“The safety profile of these products is not what they are generally accustomed to and is not the same as what you get from other products when you walk into a wellness store or grocery store or even gas station. is not.” Birenbaum said.

Hemp was legalized in the 2018 Annual Farm Bill, but the FDA has not published safety guidelines or labeling requirements for CBD.

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