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RateGain Acquires Adara Looking to Build the Most Comprehensive Travel-Intent Platform

Adapt to changing guest expectations

Digital channels play a key role in influencing travel decisions as travelers increasingly turn to digital channels for inspiration, research, booking and engagement.

According to RateGain, platforms like this help businesses adapt to changing guest expectations.

The travel technology company called customer acquisition an expensive proposition and said traditional digital advertising media had become highly competitive. Therefore, it’s important for marketers and sales teams to pinpoint intent and consider how to target the right audience and increase their return on investment.

Bhanu Chopra, Chairman and Founder of RateGain, emphasized that Adara has access to sanctioned travel intent data from top travel and hospitality companies and destination marketing organizations. Time Pricing Insights makes it easier to identify, acquire, and retain guests. “

With rising costs and the need for more unique experiences, travelers want to try different brands that can offer more value through personalized experiences and offers, but today’s brands are There is limited visibility to the preferences of

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