Hotels book up as winter storm impacts flight travel at Detroit metro airport

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Romulus, Michigan (WXYZ) — A winter storm is causing travel trouble for millions of Americans on their way to Christmas. It’s been a busy day with people trying.

The last check had over 180 delays on DTW Thursday night.

Hotel rooms fill up quickly due to the domino effect of flight cancellations. Travelers have packed airports and some are stranded overnight.

Cadillac Travel Group’s David Fishman says the next 48 hours of travel will be like rolling the dice.

“Tonight, as you say, a lot of people are going to start going in and staying in hotels that don’t want to preemptively strike,” Fishman said. “They want to go there, so there is no problem getting to the airport even if the weather is bad.”

Patrick Kubbaz is scheduled to leave on Friday morning. He’s scheduled to check into the Westin on Thursday night, so he won’t be caught in the storm.

“I didn’t want to risk it because I was seeing my family,” Kubbaz said. “I have to travel.”

Kubacz says he booked the trip three days in advance and secured the last room.

Fishman said it’s not surprising that airport hotels are fully booked. He fears flight cancellations could have a disastrous domino effect.

“The big problem is someone outside of Detroit or Michigan connecting here or getting stuck here that could overflow the system,” Fishman says.

The Banks should be on their way to Amsterdam by now. Unfortunately, their flight was delayed and they missed their connecting flight.

Mommy Kelly says it’s been rebooked for a 10pm takeoff, but anything can happen.

“Here at the Westin Hotel, it’s packed, we don’t have rooms, so you might be in the lobby all night,” said Bunk, who is traveling with her three children and husband.

Fishman says if you’re traveling on a Friday and think you might get stuck, do you research and plan now?

“If you’re worried in terms of not being able to get home from the airport and deal with cancellations, go through Detroit or book a hotel room if you’re likely to be stuck in Detroit,” Fishman said. Told. .

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