Dozens Dead After Historic Winter Storm Elliott Traps Drivers in Cars

Dan Smith

WEST SENECA, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 26: Abandoned cars along Southwest Boulevard on December 26, 2022 in West Seneca, New York.

WEST SENECA, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 26: Abandoned cars along Southwest Boulevard on December 26, 2022 in West Seneca, New York.
Photo: John Normile (Getty Images)

winter storm elliott almost sunk the country is frozen More than 50 people were killed across the country during the holiday, with heavy snowfall, more than half of them in New York, which was devastated.

The storm dropped over 50 inches of snow in Erie County, New York, in three days. ABC report. Authorities imposed a driving ban in counties affecting the cities of Buffalo and Lackawanna as of Tuesday morning.

At the time of writing this article, 29 people lost their livesIn last week's storms in the Erie County area alone, According to WHECFrozen in the car, died in an accident on a slippery road covered with snow, or died It looks like it's looking for shelter.officials said CNN They are The death toll will rise as decontamination progresses.

Those who lost their lives around Buffalo were found in cars, homes and snowballs. Some died while shoveling snow, others died when paramedics were too late for the medical crisis.

Melissa Carrick, a doula, said the blizzard forced her to give birth guidance to a pregnant client over the phone. Ambulance crews took the woman to a hospital about 45 minutes south of Buffalo.

"In any other normal Buffalo Storm? I'd just go because that's what you do – just drive in the snow." "But you knew this was different."

It didn't help that first responders could get stuck in snow just like passenger cars. New York Governor Kathy Hochul told reporters over the weekend that at one point National Guard vehicles and nearly all of Buffalo's fire trucks were stuck in the snow. Sillive.

Stuck and Stuck Cars Now Prove to be a Cleanup Challenge A snowplow and several drivers on the road were forced to navigate huge piles of snow with barely visible tires and headlights sticking out. A forklift is being used to pull the car out of the snowman. B.y Wednesday morning, The area is expected to be another 9 inches.

New York suffered the most from the snow, but the weather was historic across the country. Cities such as Orlando and Houston have seen him have one of the coldest Christmases on record.Central Plains Temperature Drops Below ZeroNearly 5,000 flights have been canceled nationwide because of the storm.