Acts of kindness travel far at Sacramento International Airport

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Sacramento — Stuck and stressed travelers are getting welcome relief. At Sacramento International Airport, acts of kindness are randomly flying, even when there are no flights.

Keith McIntyre prepares for his fifth night on the airport bench. He spent Christmas talking to his family on the phone.

“I had to talk to them on the phone, Facetime, or whatever you want to call it. But the worst part was not being able to be with them.

But that wound is now healing. In the past few days, Keith has seen more acts of kindness than many people will ever see in their lives.

“A mother and daughter came over and gave me a blanket and a pillow and a few bags of snacks. This fleece blanket is the Fleet Service guy who bought this stuff,” he said.

Guitars echoed through the baggage claim area, and it was more than music that resonated with my ears. Local singer-songwriter Sarah Lewich hopes her music will be her soothing sound when the hustle and bustle of her vacation trip gets a little tiring.

“You may feel stranded at the airport away from your family, but they are not alone. There is love that revolves,” said Lywich.

Chef Michael Durica has found a way to win people’s hearts through the stomach. The airport brought in Drewski’s Hot Rod hood in his truck this week. The chef has handed out nearly 1,000 free meals to travelers and workers over the past two days.

“That’s what we should all really be doing. Globally, that’s what we should be doing,” Dulika said.

After all, staying in harmony with your neighbors with just one act of kindness goes a long way.

“It’s just overwhelming to know that there are people in the world who care only about themselves and don’t care about others and are willing to do it,” McIntyre said.

Drewski’s will return to the airport on Thursday morning and serve free food to travelers.

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