More than 60 cars broken into in one night at East Sacramento apartments

Dan Smith

SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento Police Department is investigating a series of more than 60 nighttime car break-ins. On Tuesday morning, victims at two different apartment complexes in the East Sacramento area found their cars vandalized and their windows completely broken. Police said 47 cars were broken into the American River apartment complex commons. The costly mess comes two days after him for Christmas and five days before his due date for rent. "The windows are $400, $500 and I'm a college student. "There's glass everywhere and the fact that no one even saw this happen is ridiculous." Tuesday's overnight rain gave the victim an even worse headache. "I'm soaked. My car is completely soaked," another victim said. Each person CBS13 spoke to on Tuesday said the car appeared to have been vandalized for no apparent reason. "It makes absolutely no sense because nothing was stolen," said Jamie Harrison, whose sunglasses and other items were left untouched in the broken-in car. "What they did was kind of loot and that's it. They didn't take anything," Gonzalez said. Their vehicle registration was not stolen, and it is unclear whether the culprits were looking for something or simply broke into the vehicle. "I don't know why anyone would do this," Harrison said. From the inside, cleanup began on Monday at Commons. John Young, owner of local glass repair shop Autoglass Combat Vet, said: Young said he is busiest during the holidays because of more car break-ins. "Every December, that seems to be the trend," Young said. There is a similar photo about 10 minutes down the road from Commons. Another 14 cars were broken into outside a gated apartment complex on Ramona Avenue in Crossings. Police said a car parked on the street outside the property was similarly vandalized. It's unclear at this time if the two incidents are related to the same suspect. Back at the Commons on the American River, the neighbors are disgruntled. According to them, a similar attack on 27 cars had occurred just two months ago and had been largely unaddressed. "We haven't seen security. You can ask anyone here," Gonzalez said. CBS13 saw security vehicles patrol the Commons parking lot at the scene, but residents said it was the first time. “There are cameras that have been installed recently, but as you can see, no one can stop them,” Harrison said. I tried to get an answer from Commons admins on Tuesday about whether fencing and better security are being considered. Leasing Office management declined to comment. I was unable to contact the number provided by the apartment owner on Tuesday night. Commons neighbors are also asking for a suspension of rent payments. With more than 40 residents paying hundreds of dollars to fix their cars, rent is paid first, so they're asking for more time to come up with the money. The Sacramento Police Department encourages witnesses to crimes to contact the Sacramento Valley Climb Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP (4357). Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for rewards up to $1,000.

Click this link to submit digital evidence such as videos and photos through the online portal to SPD.