US to see warmer temps following Christmas blizzard

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Frigid inhabitants may be looking for a rest as the Arctic rages with sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic and a severe cold wave not seen in years in Antarctica.

Mother Nature seems to oblige.

NOAA’s 8- to 14-day temperature outlook for the final days of 2022, released Monday, marks a giant pattern flip that will unleash the entire 48 contiguous US states from their ice boxes and warm things up a bit.

Forecasters believe above-average temperatures are likely over much of the west, the western plains, and the northeast from December 28 to January 3. Southwest and far southeast.

This does not mean that the short will go away, but it could mean, for example, that temperatures on the Northern Plains will reach near or above freezing when the average maximum temperature is in the high 20s. I have. In other words, no minus sign in front of “25” or “30” is a welcome sight.

weather map

Warmer temperatures are expected in the US following the Christmas blizzard.

weather map

Precipitation is abundant during this period.


The Great Lakes region, which just pulled out of a blizzard this week, could rebound into the 40s and 50s, and New England will see highs climb solidly into the 50s.

Even Florida, which is predicted to have its coldest Christmas in over 30 years, is likely to see a return to Florida-like temperatures averaging in the 60s and 70s this time of year. seems to revert to

State 49 will feel relatively warm. Zero temperatures this week, at least in the Alaska Panhandle, but will be back in the 30s next week. Western Alaska is the only place in the United States predicted to experience below-average temperatures in 2023.

NOAA’s forecast for precipitation does not indicate that it will be “dry heat”, as confidence leans toward coincident periods of above-average precipitation, especially in the Northwest.

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