Sean Hannity admits in deposition he didn’t believe Trump voter fraud claims

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Fox News host Sean Hannity has admitted under oath that he “didn’t believe” for “one second” that there was mass voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Hannity’s testimony was included in a court deposition announced Wednesday in Delaware Superior Court, according to The New York Times. It was part of a lawsuit for damages.

Hannity was answering deposition questions about whether to believe false allegations made by former President Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell in November 2020.

Powell told Hannity that fraud was rife in the 2020 election and that voting machines manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems helped steal the election by switching votes.

“I couldn’t believe it for a second,” Hannity said in a released deposition, according to The Times.

Dominion is suing Fox News for defamation, alleging that the company spread false claims about voting machines in the aftermath of the 2020 election, leading to financial losses.

While Trump’s legal team and former president’s allies appeared on Fox News and other conservative networks to raise false claims about voting machines, Dominion said Fox journalists had found their claims false. or that the journalist acted recklessly in disregard. truth.

Dominion attorney Stephen Shackelford told the hearing that Fox News journalists knew their claims about massive voter fraud in the 2020 election were false, but amplified them anyway. The company claimed to have strong evidence that it chose to do so.

According to The Times, “Many of the highest-ranking Fox people admit under oath that they never believed the Dominion was lying.

Shackelford said Fox News host Meade Cooper and primetime star Tucker Carlson are among them.

The case is scheduled to go to a jury trial in April. The depositions announced Wednesday were part of a public hearing to address several related issues.

Fox News is also facing another defamation lawsuit brought by Smartmatic, another maker of voting machines targeted by Trump supporters after the 2020 election.

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