Mark Woodley goes viral for bomb cyclone blizzard report

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He wants to stick to his day job – and was really cold about it.

A local Iowa TV sports anchor has gone viral with a hilarious on-air complaint about having to get up early in the morning to cover a “blast cyclone.”

“When you ask a sportsman to come cover a blizzard at a morning show, you get this,” KWWL’s Mark Woodley tweeted Alongside clips of his wry performance that have been viewed more than five million times by Friday.

His moody commentary early on Thursday began when the host in Waterloo’s warm, dry studio asked. “Mark, how are you feeling?”

“I also felt the same as when he asked the same question about eight minutes ago,” Woodley replied. His voice was frustrated at having to pretend to be doing good sports outside in the cold.

“Until today, I didn’t even know there was 3:30 am,” he quipped.

Woodley admitted that he couldn’t do his usual gig in the warm studio covering the sport because “everything is canceled here for the next few days.”

“It’s a great time to tell athletes to wake up about five hours earlier than normal to stand out in the wind and snow and cold and not let other people do the same,” he said.

Woodley warned viewers that it would “get more and more moody” all morning.

“Watch me grow grumpy over the next few hours,” he warned.

“Can I go back to my old job?” he asked at one point, suggesting that a colleague “added an extra hour to this show just because someone likes to torture me.”

“It’s getting colder and colder,” he said, joking that “the outside is not heated right now.”

At one point, he gave his viewers good news and bad news.

“The good news is I can still feel my face. The bad news is I wish I couldn’t,” he said.

Woodley hilariously reported that
Woodley hilariously reported that “the outside is not heated right now.”

Many of the 5 million people who watched his tweeted video suggested his hilarious performance could backfire in exactly the way he wanted to avoid.

“Big mistake, Woodley. You weren’t good at this,” said a fellow TV sports reporter. Grant Galarneau-Becker told himwhile another Kyle Clark said: “This is a masterpiece. Welcome to your new job. ”

fox sportswriter Sam Amiko told him “Probably sad for you, you’ve become my favorite weather reporter.”

Iowa Sports reporter Owen Siblingon the other hand, he complained, “I don’t know how hard you are doing the rest of our work.”

“Now every news director wants sports reporters to go out to cold places in hopes of going viral,” he wrote.

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