Mall of America in Minnesota shooting: 19-year-old dead after an altercation

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A 19-year-old man was killed Friday after a gunman opened fire during an altercation at the Mall of America in Minnesota, police said.

Just before 8pm local time, officers heard gunshots on the ground floor of the Nordstrom store. When officers entered Nordstrom, they spotted one man firing multiple times, Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges said at a news conference late Friday night. We are working.

According to Hodges, life-saving measures were taken, but they were ineffective.

Bystanders were also grazed by bullets, but are expected to be unharmed.

About 10 miles south of downtown Minneapolis, the 30-year-old mall has more than 500 stores, more than 50 dining options, dozens of attractions and two hotels, according to its owners.

Friday’s shooting comes about five months after the suspect opened fire on a crowded store at the mall.

Preliminary investigations revealed an altercation between a group of about five to nine people inside Nordstrom on Friday. Hodges said surveillance video from the store showed a man pulling out a gun and shooting at the victim.

“There have been incidents of complete disrespect for human life if someone pulls out a gun and decides they want to shoot someone, and I still don’t know what we can do to stop that,” Hodges said. I got

The motive for the shooting is unknown.

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