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Could Carlos Correa’s Physical Scuttle Mets Deal?

Contract status with the Mets Carlos Correa It’s a major story in MLB at the moment. Reported over the weekend, New York had a problem with something related to Correa’s right leg/ankle during Correa’s physical. Despite the additions, optimism remains that both teams will be able to complete the deal.

The Mets signed Correa on a 12-year, $315 million contract within a day of the Giants pulling out of the 13-year, $350 million contract after the doctor reportedly got into some trouble. jumped in to agree terms with. All-Star right foot. Correa underwent a physical at the Mets last Thursday. There were reports on Saturday afternoon that the exam did not go entirely smoothly.

With a holiday weekend, discussions between the Mets and Correa camps have apparently been on the back burner for the past few days. Last night, Jon Heyman of the New York Post wrote that several other teams had reached out to representatives of the player after rumors of physical concerns circulated. Hours after expressing concern about Correa’s body, dialogue between his camp and the New York organization has been more productive than with San Francisco, and Correa remains focused on the Mets as of last night. showed that

The Washington Post’s Mike Puma provided additional background this evening, reporting that no less than three rival teams are in contact with Boras Corporation about Correa after the Mets expressed fear. , the 28-year-old wrote that he would much rather join the Mets than return to free agency after his second contract fell apart, but the Correa campaign would not allow the two teams to spend their first 12 years and $300 million each. It suggests it’s not open to moving away from its $15 million price tag.

Puma has suggested that Correa and the Mets are still likely to work something out, with one source estimating the odds of Correa landing in Queens at around 55%. Correa’s reported unwillingness to change the basic framework of the contract could be a roadblock, depending on the degree of fear of the deal. Puma wrote that it was considering the possibility of including a clause to protect the Mets should Correa’s right foot prove to be problematic during the term of the contract.

Provisions of this kind are rare, but not entirely unprecedented.As an example, a fellow Boras Corporation client JD Martinez He changed his contract with the Red Sox during the 2018-19 offseason after the team pointed out foot problems during his physicals. Both teams moved forward on an agreed five-year, $110 million framework, but a provision allowing the Red Sox to opt out of the final two years of the contract should Martinez suffer another leg injury. was included. A lengthy injury list stint (as reported by Evan Drellich of NBC Sports Boston at the time).

Correa has never had a stint on the MLB injured list due to a possible broken right leg in 2014. His injury required surgery and ended his minor league season. He made a comeback early the following year and hasn’t missed any significant time because of the issue since, but doctors for both the Giants and Mets are now identifying something to give them pause. .

There are numbers that will make this issue more clear in the next few days. Until both teams finalize a deal or the Correa camp decides to return to free agency, it will likely remain the sport’s top story. I keep suggesting it’s possible.