BJP spreading hate via TV, 24 ghanta Hindu-Muslim: Rahul at Red Fort

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With the Red Fort in the background, parliamentary leader Rahul Gandhi led Bharat Jod Yatra In the capital on Saturday, it attacked the BJP, accusing it of “relentlessly spreading fear and hatred” across the country in order to “divert” attention from “financially disadvantaged” people.

He claimed that the TV channel was “controlled by forces trying to spread hate” and said “24 Ganta Hindu Islam, Hindu Islam” was being broadcast.
Rahul Gandhi on stage with Parliament Speaker Malikarjun Halji and MNM Chief Kamal Haasan at the Red Fort. (Express photo by Chitral Kambati)
Yatra, Congress’ Largest Mobilization Exercise For decades, we had our 9-day year-end hiatus when we arrived at the Red Fort. Cover 2800 km through 9 states in 108 daysfrom the coast of Kanyakumari.

More than 700 km further to cover Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.
red fort crowd A crowd gathers at the Red Fort before Rahul Gandhi’s speech. (Simple file photo by Chitral Khambhati)
Speaking at a large gathering outside the historic fort, Rahul said: This is Hindustan. But this is nothing new. This has been the national truth for centuries. People live in harmony with each other. ”

He said he could still come to terms with the fact that the TV channel “won’t let us see it.”

24 Ghanta Hindu Muslim, Hindu Muslim. Walking from KanyakaumariI have met hundreds of thousands of people on the road. The people of this country love and embrace each other. This country is one,” he said.

According to him, the BJP falsely claims to be Hindu administrators. “Where in Hinduism is it written that the weak and marginalized should be trampled and killed? I read the Gita, the Upanishads. I have not read this anywhere. These Scripture speaks of embracing: they instill fear in the hearts of young people, women, small merchants and farmers,” he said.

“While giving a speech in Rajasthan, he said he would open a love shop in the hate market. Aapne laakhon dukan khol di hai (You opened hundreds of thousands of stores),” he said to cheers from the crowd.

Rahul said, “Prime Minister and BJP spent thousands of rupees to tarnish my image. But I have shown you the truth in a month.This is how truth works.The truth cannot be suppressed.It tends to come out.”

The jury is out on the final outcome of the Yatra, which culminates in the deployment of the Tricolor in Srinagar, but Rahul suggested he was sure it was helped correct his image as a leadertacitly admitting that his “rebranding” was one of its purposes.

Yatra, he said, helped him “recognize” that “hate” isn’t actually consuming the country.

“When I started walking from Kanyakumari, I thought hatred was spreading to every corner of the country. It’s not real,” he said.

“In reality, people live together in harmony, people hug each other. They’re not hitting each other’s throats like TV shows us,” he said.
Delhi Yatra Rahul Gandhi interacting with attendees of the Bharat Jod Yatra in Delhi. (Photo is an express file by Praveen Khanna)
During the day, when Yatra crossed from Haryana through the Badalpur border, Rahul mother Sonia Gandhi and younger sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadrahusband Robert Vadra and their children.

Thousands of parliamentary workers and supporters marched as the Yatra passed through the city. at one point, Actor Kamal Haasan also joins RahulHaasan then made a brief speech with Rahul at the Red Fort. Speaker of Parliament Malikarjun Kharge.

Kharge claimed that the BJP government was upset because of Yatra. “They are trying to use Covid as an excuse to stop Yatra. , was not seen wearing a mask when attending a recent wedding.

Rahul mentioned Border crisis with China target the government. “China has occupied her 2000 square kilometers of our land. Prime Minister says no one has entered Indian territory. So why did the two countries hold his 21 talks? .”He said.

He spent most of his speech on a “constant outpouring of hate” by television channels.

“Many members of the press ask me: Isn’t it cold? Why not ask the farmers, workers and poor children of this country? Rahul is said to have walked 2800 km, no big deal No. The whole country walks. A farmer may walk 10,000 to 20,000 km in his lifetime,” he said.

Kamal Haasan said he would take to the streets “whenever the constitution was attacked”. This is the time when the country needs you. Bharat todne ki madad mat karo, Bharat jodne ki madad karo (Don’t help the attempt to overthrow Bharat, help join Bharat),” he said, “According to me, this yatra has just begun.” added.

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