‘Not interested in cars,’ Rahul Gandhi reveals his favourite bike

Dan Smith

Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi has revealed personal details about his life in a new interview with Bombay Journey. Gandhi, who was recently busy in parliament's Bharat Jod Yatra, said he preferred cycling to driving a motorbike. Gandhi said he knows 90% of the technology in cars and can fix them, but he's not into cars.

"The old Lambretta is just as beautiful as the R1. In some ways, the Lambretta is more beautiful and more dangerous to drive," a parliamentary leader told Bombay Journey.

Among motorcycles, Rahul Gandhi revealed that he also dislikes "Enfields". He said people like the brakes and balance of the Enfields, but he likes the Yamaha RD350.

"My favorite bike is the one I had when I was working in London. It was the love of my life. The Aprilia RS 250," added Rahul Gandhi.

On electric vehicles, Gandhi said the EV revolution needs a foundation and India is nowhere to be found. "Foundation means battery production. Everything that is done is ad-hoc."

Senior leaders in Congress also spoke about planes. Remembering the father of the late Rajiv Gandhi, "My father was a pilot and I learned from him that flying is partly about the plane, but it's more about the approach and the attitude." "Don't let it fly over you means the pilot has to be in front of the plane."

These days, Gandhi says he prefers cycling in Delhi because driving is "dangerous" and cycling helps him "power himself".

Bharat Jodo Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi took a short break.

The Yatra resumes on January 3 from Kashmir Gate, Delhi and enters Uttar Pradesh through Roni, Ghaziabad in the afternoon of the same day.

Bharat Jod Yatra will resume from Hanuman Mandir at Kashmere Gate at 10am on 3 January and enter Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh at noon, according to AICC Secretary General Correspondence Jairam Ramesh.

Overnight stop at Mavikala in Bagpat.

The Yatra passes Shamri, Uttar Pradesh on 4 January and enters Haryana through Sanauri, Panipat on the night of 5 January.

Bharat Jodo Yatra starts his journey in Haryana on the morning of 6th January and stays for 6 days before entering Punjab on 12th January.

The Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, which has traveled more than 2,800 km through 10 states so far, is on a nine-day winter break.

The marchers took a break after reaching Delhi's Red Fort on 24 December.

The Yatra begins in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu on September 7th and ends in Kashmir early next year.

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