When Food Stamps for Access Oklahoma Cardholders Are Scheduled in January 2023

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SNAP provides food supplement benefits for low-income households. In Oklahoma, SNAP is administered by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) and benefits are sent monthly to the SNAP account linked to the Access Oklahoma Card. SNAP’s benefits follow the same monthly deposit schedule, and the January payment includes a 12.5% ​​Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) he approved for 2023.

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To receive SNAP benefits in Oklahoma, OKDHS says you must meet income standards and work requirements. Oklahoma SNAPs can apply online at You can also submit the completed application to your local DHS Human Service Center. Forms are also available at local offices.

SNAP benefits in Oklahoma and elsewhere come with benefits that go beyond food purchases, such as discounts on certain products and services. For example, Oklahoma SNAP recipients can sign up for an Amazon Prime EBT discounted subscription for $6.99 per month. EBT cards can also be used for free or discounted admission to hundreds of museums, aquariums and zoos nationwide. Free or low-cost landline or cell phone service is also available through the Federal Lifeline Program.

For more information, search online for discounted or free services available to SNAP recipients in Oklahoma.

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In Oklahoma, benefits are mailed between the 1st and 10th of each month based on the last digit of the case number. Oklahoma SNAP’s January 2023 deposit schedule is as follows:

Case number suffix:Perks:
0-3January 1
4-6January 5th
7-9January 10th

SNAP recipients can use their Access Oklahoma card to purchase most food items at licensed food retailers. Use USDA’s SNAP Retail Locator to find his SNAP authorized retailers near you. The offer can also be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market. Double Up Oklahoma is worth SNAP dollars (up to $20 per day) spent at farmers markets and grocery stores. Check the website to find participating markets and stores.

When paying with a card using SNAP benefits, select “EBT” and enter your PIN. Your receipt will show the balance in your SNAP account. The Access Oklahoma Card can also be used online. You can find our certified online retailers here.

You can use your SNAP EBT card to purchase:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • meat, poultry, fish
  • dairy products
  • bread and cereal
  • Snack food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Seeds or plants that produce food for domestic consumption

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However, the USDA has restrictions on how SNAP benefits can be used. Items that cannot be purchased with SNAP benefits include alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, vitamins, medicines, supplements, live animals, pet food, cleaning supplies, paper products, and cosmetics.

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