Nashville’s Big Bash will donate some proceeds to Second Harvest Food Bank

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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — Between all the billboards, setups, and stages, it takes a lot of work to throw a network TV-friendly party.

“There will be a lot of people in town,” said Deanna Ivey, CEO of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation.

But as one crew prepares to welcome the New Year, another crew across town brings in all the food they find. ”

This is definitely our busiest time of the year,” said Ashley Lewis of Second Harvest Food Bank in Middle Tennessee, Tennessee.

Second Harvest is usually busy with vacations at this time of year, but this year will be especially busy due to the difficult weather and economic conditions. “This is a difficult time for many of our neighbors in Central Tennessee,” Lewis said.

That’s why Nashville CVC plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from Nashville’s Big New Year Bash to Second Harvest.

“Every $1 from the sale of a T-shirt goes to Second Harvest, which means for $1 we can provide four meals to our starving neighbors,” says Lewis. “We can really increase that amount by collecting donations from our community and corporate sponsors.”

Organizers also plan to display large QR codes on video screens at the event. This allows attendees to donate whatever they feel like donating.

“It’s a really great way to end the year by giving back to our neighbors in Middle Tennessee,” Lewis said.

We hope the forklifts in the Second Harvest warehouse are just as busy after the show is over.

“This is our way of giving back to the community,” said Ivey.

You don’t have to fight New Year’s Eve crowds to donate to Second Harvest. You can make a donation at any time by clicking here.

Other causes:

In addition to Second Harvest, Nashville CVC has also partnered with Care Kitchen Outreach. “We give them the leftovers and they donate it to other charities,” he says Ivey.

Organizers also plan to donate the furniture provided by Ashley Furniture used in the warming tents to various non-profits around town.

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