Durham Rescue Mission’s gift to community: Warmth, welcome

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Durham, North Carolina — On Friday, the Durham Rescue Mission hosted its 45th Annual Christmas Goodies Giveaway and Community Dinner.

The holiday celebration scene was familiar, but the bitter cold made a difference. The parking lot, usually full of tents and visitors, was empty. Visitors were pushed inside by high winds.

CEO Rob Tart said he saw many young parents.

“Weather doesn’t matter. Poverty has no breaks,” he said.

“This year has been a very difficult year,” Tarte said. “If you’re trying to pay the rent, if you’re paying the rent, you’re in trouble. Grocery prices are high. Everything is high. Christmas is coming inexorably exactly. It’s how many of us sometimes We want to help parents who may be suffering right now.”

Tanasha Pryde felt the pressure, too.

“My last check was $198,” she said. “That’s not true. The rent will go up next year.”

Pride was choosing presents for the children Amaya, 13, and Capone, 11.

Smiles, screams of excitement, and signatures echoed through the room.

“I want to thank them for putting this together,” said Pryde. “Thank you for taking care of your community”.

Tart has seen rescue mission clients come full circle. “There was a young woman here who volunteered here when she was a kid,” he noted.

Rescue efforts provided enough food for 2,000 people during the day on Friday, after which volunteers and staff turned their concerns to those who had yet to find shelter from the cold.

Temperatures drop into the 10s over the weekend, increasing the risk of hypothermia and frostbite.

Rescue mission crews seek out the most vulnerable individuals in their communities and provide them with warm resting places and hot food.

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