Closing the Loop Between Food Waste and Animal Feed

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Closing the loop between food waste and animal feed

Tim Hamelich
news reporter

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network, responsible for the Farm of the Future Report. Last year, Do Good Foods built a multi-million dollar facility in Pennsylvania to convert surplus food from grocery stores into poultry feed. The process is innovative, but the concept is not new, he says, CEO Justin Kamine.

KAMINE…“When we were growing up on a farm, we used to feed our house chickens and pigs and pets with leftovers. Chickens are omnivores, so it’s great that we can keep the cold chain and upcycle this dry feed by throwing in some supermarket surplus food. We have found it to be a superior, nutritionally consistent product for animals.”

Kamine says that now that the first factory is up and running, he wants to expand to other regions.

KAMINE…“Our goal is to help solve food waste as quickly as possible. It’s both an important point and a focus in doing what we do, and connecting it to local farmers to grow Do Good chicken and put it back on retail shelves like we collect surplus groceries. Create a closed loop system and create its local system.”

This fodder chicken is marketed under the Do Good Chicken brand.

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