Animal agriculture as a solution to food waste

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Animal husbandry as a food waste solution

Tim Hamelich
news reporter

This is Tim Hammerich from the Ag Information Network, responsible for the Farm of the Future Report. Animal husbandry is often targeted as part of the problem of environmental degradation. But some innovative companies are showing that animals are actually the solution. He said he was shocked to find out what was wasted.

KAMINE……“40% of the food we grow is thrown away. If food waste is a country, it will be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter. When we started, we started recognizing the importance of this problem, and talked about how we could create truly large-scale, sustainable infrastructure solutions that could actually sustain the value of these nutrients. Does it really replicate the way our current food system works?”

Their solution is to convert excess food from grocery stores into poultry feed and work with poultry farmers to produce their own brand of meat.

Camine…“We can send them our feed. They include it in their overall diet. And they give us back things like retail and food service products.” And what really matters is that just by buying good chicken, the consumer becomes part of the process, truly fighting food waste and fighting climate change right from the kitchen. It is to become like.”

The key thing Kamine says is that no big changes are needed for poultry producers and consumers to start becoming part of the solution.

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