5 Food Combos That Will Keep You Warm This Winter Season

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Winter is here and it’s time to make the most of the season. Do everything from lounging under blankets to indulging in decadent foods without the guilt. These represent the positive aspects of this season, but they also have their fair share of negative aspects. This season also brings illnesses such as coughs, colds and fevers. To combat these ailments, we recommend eating foods that warm us from the inside out. She further explains that adding a variety of winter foods to your diet will make it more colorful and help give your body the warmth it needs. Having said that, we’ve put together a list of the perfect, comforting, delicious, and perfect winter food pairings to enjoy in this chilly weather. Start with the recipe below.

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Here are five food combos to keep you warm this winter season.

1. Sarson ka saag and maque di roti

Winter in Punjab is synonymous with Sarson Ka Sag. Combining mustard greens with batua leaves, ghee and a few spices, this dish is a bliss. Sarson da saag is a filling winter meal when served with makki ki roti, ghee and guru. Despite its origins in a specific region, the dish has become popular all over the world. The best part is that you can easily make it at home. what are you looking for Follow the steps below to make a delicious bowl of sarson da saag and garnish with macchi chi roti on the side. Here are the recipes for sarson ka saag and macque di roti.

2. Rasam and Rice

South Indian rasam holds a special place in the category of comfort foods such as soups and stews that warm our hearts and strengthen our immune system. A bowl of rasam is a comfort food that is always a comforting treat when you refuse to. South Indian cuisine has lots of rasam recipes! Serve over rice for a healthy winter feast! Get the rasam recipe here.

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3. Jalebi and Dood

Jalebi are popular all year round, but there’s something about winter that takes desserts to a whole new level. Served with jalebi, it helps ward off seasonal colds and can be a great remedy for seasonal inclement weather.


4. Chai and pakora

The winter season calls for something crunchy and greasy. We know you’re wondering about pakora, and we don’t blame you. Pakora, masala chai, and the winter season go hand in hand. Pakora for starters are fried lentils or Indian flour-based fritters. It may or may not contain vegetables or meat. Normally, you don’t need a special occasion to fry sizzling pakoras, but as we mentioned earlier, these chilly days have heightened our appetite for this fried goodness. ,Please click here. Here is the recipe for Kadak Masala Tea.


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5. Aloo Methi and Paratha

There are many ways to make methi at home, but aloumeti is one of the most popular and cherished dishes. During the winter months, Alumeti is a beloved lunch option for all ages. It’s fast, easy, and very tasty. The earthy, earthy flavor of this dish comes from the dried methi leaves and is balanced by the potatoes. For a filling meal, serve this delicious aloo methi sabji with butter-topped chapattis or parathas. . Here is the recipe for Alumeti.

what are you looking for Have fun with these combinations this winter and let us know which one you liked best in the comments. Happy Cooking!

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