Wintry weather could cause havoc on holiday travel

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Baltimore – Winter weather complicates vacation travel both on the ground and in the air.

More than 30,000 travelers are expected to fly out of Baltimore Washington Thurgood International Airport on Thursday and Friday to reach their destinations in time for the holidays.

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But the weather makes it difficult.

Traveler Rachel Hanisch said: “It’s pretty stressful with two kids and the weather isn’t great.

Falling gas prices impact Maryland vacation travel plans


Travelers are facing severe weather conditions both locally and nationally this weekend.

BWI had 27 cancellations by noon, according to the Maryland Aviation Authority, but most of those flights were to the Midwest.

“We still have this weather system that moves west to east and Midwest to northeast,” said Ricky Smith, executive director of the Maryland Aviation Authority. “As it matures, more cancellations. is expected.”

WJZ spoke with two cadets who were hoping their flights would not be cancelled.

Benjamin Venters said, “I love the academy, but being there for a year without seeing my family for the first time is a bit difficult.

“I had some teammates and their flights were cancelled,” said Danilo Viciana. “We heard about winter storms.”

When dealing with inclement weather, especially during busy travel times, airport officials recommend arriving at the airport a few hours early to check flight status before leaving home.

Apart from that, try to be flexible and don’t worry about things you can’t control.

“We always believe that God’s plan is always best,” said traveler Faith. “If you travel today, you are traveling today.”

“I recommend a direct flight, just bring your documents and if you forget anything else you can buy it,” said Hanisch.

An official with the Maryland Department of Transportation Highway Administration said for those taking the highway this weekend, don’t wait, Friday will be even worse.

Spokesperson Charlie Gishler said, “We recommend that you go to an area where cold air can come in and freeze you tomorrow, before the sun rises until noon, so here’s what you need to do today. please do it,” he said.

If you must drive, be prepared for unexpected road hazards, as ice can also accumulate on tree branches and power lines.

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