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Winter travel can be more than meets the eye

Have you ever experienced such cold temperatures?! Tony Spitz of Buzz6 explains in detail.

Driving during the winter is important to be prepared and think ahead.

In a news release, Colonel John Bolduc of the Nebraska Patrol said:

That means paying attention not only to the weather, but also to the driving conditions themselves. The Nebraska State Patrol and the Nebraska Department of Transportation advise travelers to “know before you go” and Nebraska 511 before beginning your trip.

The system has statewide live road condition cameras, road reports, and closure information. The system also provides a live weather radar that allows travelers to watch for storms as they travel through Nebraska.

Parts of Nebraska are expected to have ice and snow. This adds another layer to winter driving conditions, both literally and figuratively. Bolduc explains:

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Amanda Wekesser, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Hastings, also agreed with Bolduc’s concerns.

“Sometimes people think, ‘It’s snowing, it can’t be that bad,’ and don’t realize there’s a layer of ice underneath,” says Wekesser. “You may be fooled because you don’t realize you can’t really see the sheen of the ice underneath, so you might get a patch where you start slipping.

Note that trees and elevated grounds like flyovers will freeze first, according to the Hastings National Weather Service.

In addition to using Nebraska 511, Nebraska State Patrol and NDOT recommend the following:

• Have a winter survival kit in your car in case you get stranded.

• Do not crowd the plow

• Reduce speed and increase following distance, especially in icy conditions.

• Wear your seat belt every time you travel

Wekesser said: Get the latest information from your trusted meteorologist. “

Consider how much travel planning you need in the first place, suggests Bolduc.

“As always, consider the circumstances and decide if you really need to travel during the storm.”