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Winter storms, travel nightmares and Covid-19: Lessons on letting go from a chaotic Christmas

This Christmas I spent a week in Chicago with my family. It seemed like an important year to stay home. Finally things are back to normal.No more quarantining or competing in the city looking for Covid tests.Finally we can all spend time together. I got

Two days after I arrived at my parents’ house, the Wi-Fi stopped working due to a winter storm, and it was left on for three days. But after the first day, she barely noticed because she was too busy dealing with the brackish and tar-laden water that was running down the drains in her parents’ basement floor. There was some sort of blockage in the pipes which resulted in my parents being without water in the house for almost his 5 days including Christmas. I moved to a hotel. Visiting from Appleton, Wisconsin, my sister and her family had to separate, not at home, but at a cousin’s or her aunt’s or aunt’s house. And my parents had to drive to my aunt and uncle’s house to shower, wash the dishes, and use the bathroom.

If all of that isn’t enough sitcom Christmas-worthy for you, my aunt and uncle had to put down their beloved dog Bentley the same day our basement drank water. My father had enlarged a picture of him as a Christmas gift.When my aunt and uncle saw it they were speechless.

And on Christmas Day, my niece got a call from her landlord in Milwaukee, telling her that the apartment next door occupant had left the window open before going home on vacation, causing a pipe to burst and destroying almost everything. I let you know. her apartment.

Those more religiously interested may try to bring these experiences back to the story of the Holy Family.

When I got home, I thought it was the strangest Christmas possible and was telling friends about all this. Very similar to mine.In one friend’s neighborhood in New Jersey, high winds caused power outages throughout the Christmas holidays. In Nashville, the temperature dropped as much as 50 degrees in his day, freezing water pipes across the city and forcing people to buy giant jugs to use for washing and cooking. In Buffalo, the ongoing Snowpocalypse was so bad that one priest not only canceled Christmas Mass but had to evacuate the parsonage. He ended up spending Christmas Eve on the fire station boat.

And we all know that millions of people have had their vacations ruined by Southwest Airlines, which continues to cancel thousands of flights. One of my friends who’s been stuck in the Midwest for days waiting to go home got an automated message from the Southwest reminding him that today was his vacation. For some reason, he had the self-control to not break his cell phone. I still don’t know if I can go back to

Given the extent to which these stories relate to weather phenomena, it is clear that there is a story to be told here about climate change. Those more religiously interested may try to bring these experiences back to the story of the Holy Family.

When things definitively go wrong, it’s like a veil is lifted, and we discover that the reality we thought we were living in is fake.

But I’m wondering.Sorry to sound like Israelis in the desert but we were isolated and anxious for 3 years this? Continental plague of head lice, what will happen next year? Will our internet be overrun by AI, refusing to see or hear anything but that wistful Christmas album by Sarah McLachlan? and hang around like the Australians in shorts and t-shirts? may be possible.)

When things definitively go wrong, it’s like a veil is lifted and we discover that the reality we thought we were living in is fake. Even if you are safe and healthy, almost anything can happen at any time and you have to deal with it. Our lives seem tangible and stable, but at the end of the day, we are all little creatures, barely clinging to a small piece of rock galloping through the infinite darkness of space. . (Merry Christmas!)

How God walks with us in it, especially these days, how He loves us so much and chose to be part of us even in our terrible weaknesses. I could add a paragraph here about how I remember . But saying such truthful and resounding things can be another way to sidestep the harsh truth in moments like this. Yes, God is with us. God sure does love us. But after flooding drains, frozen power lines, dead family members, horrible neighbors, and the worst airline vacation, the only thing I’m really aware of is that my existence is better than I’d like it to be. It’s far out of control.

Maybe this marks the beginning of my supervillain era. At the moment it’s pretty frustrating.

And for some reason I keep thinking about this passage from Ezekiel chapter 36 where God promised Israel. “I will remove the heart of stone from your body and give you a heart of flesh.” A heart of flesh is arguably better than a heart of rock. But it hurts more than that.