Winter storm continues to put a damper on travel plans

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Christmas Eve was the most important time to get home for vacation, but winter storms kept throwing wrenches at everyone’s vacation plans, especially at the airport.

What you need to know

  • Winter storms have put a damper on vacation travel plans for many Ohioans
  • Brian Andrews is one of the people stranded at John Glenn International Airport.His flight was canceled on Friday and he’s been at the airport since.
  • Airport officials are urging everyone to check flight status before arriving at the airport

Brian Andrews is far from home. He lives in Washington, D.C. and is about to hop on a plane home, but is still having no luck.

“Everything was shut down,” said Andrews. “I have never experienced such a bad trip.”

Andrews has been at John Glenn International Airport since Friday after his flight was cancelled. He was visiting family in Canton, Ohio. Now he’s waiting to come home, but when?

“We had an early Christmas on the 22nd,” Andrews said.

Andrews doesn’t want to spend Christmas Day traveling, but he has no other choice. He said, “I was supposed to be home by 2:00 pm on Friday. Now it will be 4:00 pm tomorrow (Christmas).”

And Andrews is not alone. Other travelers have struggled to cope with cancellations and delays since winter storms hit.

But Andrews is determined to go home for the holidays, even on Christmas Day.

“I’ve never experienced so much disruption over the holidays, but I hope it goes well,” Andrews said.

If you are traveling during the holiday season, we recommend that you check with your airline for the latest flight status.

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