Winter storm continues to impact holiday travel

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Springfield, Massachusetts (WGGB/WSHM) – During the holiday season, millions of travelers chose a plane ticket instead of going out. But a winter storm that wreaked havoc across the United States caused thousands of flights to be canceled, including Bradley International Airport.

With thousands of cancellations across the country, many have seen their vacation plans turn into a vacation travel nightmare.

The AAA reports that millions of Americans have returned home for the holidays. However, the winter storm that affected most of the country had a localized impact on Bradley International Airport.

In a statement sent to Western Mass News, they said in partial citation:

“Holiday travel is still in full swing and will continue into the new year, but so far it appears to reflect numbers expected to be approaching pre-pandemic levels. There have been 10 flight cancellations today due to flight disruptions.”

We spoke to some travelers who had their flights canceled. They told Western Mass News about their struggles at the airport.

“We sat on the plane for three hours. We were told to get off, it was cancelled, we waited three hours to pick up our luggage, and then it was rescheduled for 8am this morning,” said one vacationer. Amy Lako said. Flew into New York at LaGuardia on Friday night. My flight was canceled, I stayed in the hotel for 5 hours, hailed a cab at 5am, and caught the train to Springfield at 7am. “

Inside Bradley’s, you could see the line stretching around the corner at the southwest counter.

People spoken to by Western Mass News said the airline has no seats available until December 30th.

People in the air have expressed their displeasure with what they thought would be a smooth holiday trip.

“So we were standing in line, this horrible line, this woman was standing in front of us, going hard with us and saying my mom was crazy about her. I got

“It was insane. On Friday people were told there were no flights until Monday,” revealed traveler Kayla Crumpholz.

Bradley International Airport is urging passengers to take precautions before heading to the airport.

they said:

“Passengers are advised to check with their airlines for the latest flight information before heading to the airport,” it said.

Bradley International Airport’s Holiday Travel Tips state that some airlines give 24 hours’ notice for flight cancellations. However, travelers are always advised to track their flights on the airport’s website.

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