Where to travel in 2023, according to your sign

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I love looking at astrological charts when planning my trip. The stars follow several themes in the 2023 horoscope for all zodiac signs. It will be an exciting year for travel. An invitation to create new patterns, and a growing interest in exploring new ways of life. What could be better than a well-planned trip to embody all of the above?

Thinking ahead about how and why you plan to travel in 2023 based on your zodiac sign will help you decide which destinations are the best for you and the astrological weather ahead. can be difficult to do. I have good news for you.pull from Cond√© Nast TravelerIn our list of the best places to go in 2023, we’ve selected the ideal destinations for each sign’s wants, wants, and cravings for the year ahead. From adventures on the water in Pisces to bustling cities in Leo, the best places to go in 2023 and the best times to travel (and even the best times to book) depending on your zodiac sign. time) to share.

Here’s where to go based on your horoscope for 2023.

[Astrologer’s note: For the most comprehensive result, read the answer for both your sun sign (the sign determined by your birthday), and your rising, or ascendant, sign (determined using your birth time and location; you can quickly find your rising sign online here in less than 30 seconds).]

Kenya has a lot to offer to Aries, very curious travelers who love to try new things.
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Aries: Kenya

You are always ready for a real adventure and are willing to take long trips for the trip of a lifetime. It is not. When exploring, I am very curious, wanting to learn as much as possible and love trying new things. So it should come as no surprise that Kenya is the perfect travel destination for you in 2023. Kenya has a little bit of everything: charming urban hotspots, beautiful island stays, incredibly unique restaurants and, of course, safaris.

Let’s talk about timing. The first half of the year is exciting for you as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom, faith, and opportunity, is in Aries until May 16, bringing travel and expanding horizons directly to the forefront of your desires. It’s time. experience.

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