What’s safe now? WRAL Data Trackers surveyed doctors about travel, dining out, indoor crowds

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While it’s clear that holiday travel has recovered from the surging crowds at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, people at crowded gates, planes, and public transport have been plagued by current outbreaks of COVID-19, flu and RSV. have been exposed to other respiratory viruses that are You risk carrying these viruses to your loved ones during your vacation visits.

More than 38,000 people were expected to cross the RDU on Friday alone, many traveling without masks, some for the first time in years.

WRAL Data Trackers asked Duke and UNC doctors whether it’s safe and what activities they would refrain from if the airborne virus was circulating.

“There are a lot of formulas you have to use to calculate whether you’re going to take that risk,” says Dr. David Wohl, an infectious disease expert at UNC Hospitals.

Most of the doctors surveyed said they ate in indoor restaurants, but all commented on capacity.

Most people also feel wise to head to the cinema or a Carolina Hurricanes game.

When it came to outdoor activities such as skating, most people said they would participate as long as social distancing was maintained.

“Risk mitigation is acceptable. We’re lowering the risk,” Wall said. “Make sure you’re open-minded, but use the information and don’t deny yourself knowing when making these decisions.”

Wall said COVID and flu vaccines are playing an important role. Adds an extra layer of protection for those traveling to see family and friends during the holiday season.

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