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Waze is testing a feature that warns drivers about to travel on a dangerous road

nevertheless Google is merging the teams in Google Maps and Waze, and both apps will continue to run independently of each other. Just because a new feature is added to Waze, don’t expect it to be immediately available in Google Maps.Yes, according to the Israeli website Geektime (via The Verge), Waze has announced a new feature that makes driving safer by warning users when they are about to enter a road with a historically high accident record, according to data gathered from the Waze community. is testing.
These dangerous roads are highlighted on the app and marked red on the map. According to Geektime, this feature may not work on roads that users frequently travel by design. This makes sense when you think about it because people who drive on the road often are probably familiar with the road and have navigated it successfully on the road and may ignore the warning anyway On the other hand, those unfamiliar with a particular road would probably welcome and heed such warnings.

This new feature is included in the latest beta version of Waze. You can apply to become a member of the Waze beta team Please tap this link. To make the driver feel safe driving, the pop-ups related to this feature will only appear once for him. The notification says, “Using reports from the driver and route, you may see ‘history of collisions’ alerts on some roads.”

If you don’t want to receive alerts, you can disable the feature by going to My Waze and tapping the gear icon in the top left corner. From there,[アラートとレポート]to switch the feature off. If you are not a Waze beta tester, you will not see this option. If Waze Brass is happy with your feedback on this feature, you can expect it in the public version of the app. Eventually, it may also appear on Google Maps.