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Travel problems force Ark. family into 14-hour drive

Jonesboro, Ark.

“There was a lot of confusion. There were bags lined up between the baggage claim belts. rice field.

The luggage queue at the airport was a mess and the family waited five hours for their luggage to arrive. A family loses seven days worth of clothes.

“You know, I’m back here at Walmart after Christmas and the harvest is meager,” Brown said.

Luckily, clothes are replaceable, but some other items are not.

“Never, ever, don’t put drugs in checked luggage. Such a big deal. You know, all very expensive and sensitive electronics,” Brown added.

Their flights were canceled not once but twice. The family had to rent a car and drive 14 hours back to Jonesboro.

“Let’s rent a car before they’re all gone. It’s about a 14-hour trip, depending on which way you go. But it was the only way we could get home,” concludes Brown.