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We’ve been to so many amazing places in 2022 for PhotowalksTV, a streaming travel photo series that can be seen on YouTube, Tubi and Roku Channel. Of course, the photographic moments stand out, but what’s just as special are the cool people you meet along the way.

The fun of traveling and making videos is meeting fascinating people. We’d like to spotlight some of them in our annual year-end highlight reel. Two of his are also here in the South Bay, both on Hermosa Beach.

Met Nicholas Gauthier in Paris for PhotowalksTV

Nico Gauthier is the country manager for social magazine app Flipboard. When we meet him in Paris, he shows off classic dry French wit and tells us about his mythical smartphone app that freezes when he sees you trying to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower. gave me

Bandon, Oregon is a remote but magical place in Southern Oregon. Photographer Susan Dimmock said that capturing rock formations requires more than just having a camera nearby. “Don’t forget your boots.” If you want to take pictures in Bandung, you need to get wet.

In Pismo Beach, people line up for hours to get their first bite at the Old West Cinnamon Roll Shop on Driver Street. I wanted something a little more – I wanted to see how these beauties were made, the owner Cindy Parkhurst said she could come back the next morning at 6am and shoot. She also asked, “Have you seen our sunset here?” She sighed and sighed. Yes they are very special. Sometimes even more than the South Bay.

At San Francisco Bay, Mike McCue invited me to join him on a “Photosail” to capture another angle of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s his boat! He was right, it was insane. I tried flying a drone from there, but it couldn’t fly fast enough for a boat to navigate. I actually got lost at sea. Mike turned the boat around to catch it in the air and return it to its owner.

Von Cannon and His Periwinkle Shell by Sam Graham for Easy Reader

Then there were two unforgettable challenges for Easy Reader.

Publisher Kevin Cody asked me to check out Von Cannon’s seashell collection in Hermosa Beach. Hopefully one day he will turn it into a museum!

He has traditional seashells, periwinkle, sand dollars and moonstones, sea glass and tiles, and even dead starfish he painted. He is also the finder of lost beach gear. He collects things left behind and takes them home to display. This includes strange flip-flops, cigarette his lighters, broken sunglasses, rattling cell phones, GoPro cameras, iPhones, and other things discarded in the sand.

“I love the ocean,” he says. “It’s therapy for me.”

And for the third year in a row, I made a Surfing Santa video episode. This year was a special one because it was so much fun watching our local chiropractor Derek Levy transform into a surfman and jump into the water.

Derek Levy as Surfing Santa.Photo by Ray Vidal

Thank you for watching the video again this year. Happy new year.

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