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Travel news: The world’s biggest-ever passenger plane goes green

(CNN) — Release the elves and December is here. Start the holiday countdown with our roundup of 15 luxury hotels going all out for Christmas, and read about Advent traditions around the world.

Here’s CNN Travel’s biggest remaining story of the week:

future of transportation

Airbus announced on November 30 that it is developing a hydrogen fuel cell engine that it plans to test on the world’s largest airliner, the A380. Test flights are scheduled for 2026.
Among other transportation innovations, the XPeng flying car completed its first public test flight in Dubai in October. His all-electric, two-seater vehicle takes off vertically without the need for a runway, making it suitable for urban areas.
On the ground, lightweight microcars could be the future of urban driving as countries around the world take steps to eliminate congestion and pollution.

wild world

Years of waiting for photo contests showcasing incredible wildlife and nature images from around the world, two photos taken at once.

Want more tree frogs, hermit crabs, leopards vs. steenbocks? Then check out the winners of the British Ecological Society’s photo contest.

hawaii spotlight

Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, continues to spew lava after its first eruption in almost 40 years. Here’s why volcanic ash poses a danger to aircraft:
Former flight attendant Gwendolyn Brune, 94, flew Hawaiian Airlines in the 1940s, years before Hawaii became a state in the United States. She has memories of her attending stars like Jimmy Stewart and swimmer Esther Williams.
Hawaii has long been one of the Japanese’s favorite vacation destinations. The reason for its enduring appeal is what the Japanese call “Iyashi,” which means “healing” or “comfort.” Here is such a love story.

Focus on Saudi Arabia

Drone footage taken in the Saudi desert has revealed giant fish-shaped rocks emerging from the sand.
And in another “Saudi thing that looks like a sea creature but isn’t,” a design firm wants to spend $8 billion to create a boat in the shape of a giant turtle.

Around the world in an ambulance

Traveling in an ambulance isn’t usually a relaxed and leisurely affair, but for British couple Lawrence Dodi and Rachel Nixon, a former private ambulance is the vehicle of choice for traveling around the world.

For those who missed

Named as the world’s most expensive city in 2022, it ranks at the top.

One in the US and one in Asia. Check out the full list here.

Given that a country has 17,500 islands, 38 states and 700 dialects, it is better to believe that the country’s cuisine is diverse.

Staffing shortages in the airline industry are hitting one group of travelers the hardest.

French baguettes are protected by UNESCO.

Please fasten your seat belt

Each week we focus on travelers who touch the law, but this time it’s Odell Beckham Jr.’s turn, the NFL star was removed from a flight in Miami on Nov. 27 after refusing to follow safety protocols. Police said they were taken down.
Beckham Jr. didn’t miss a chance when he left on tour on December 1st. He posted an Instagram story saying “not today” and “back to normal” from his private jet.

got the juice

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