Travel Journal: Good Morning, Arizona. The Frogs Have Arrived

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It wasn’t a difficult trip.

If there’s anything as a Horned Frog fan inspired by Max Duggan’s trip from the sidelines to the Heisman Trophy Room, it’s been a calling. From the moment we walked in, we knew we were going.

Well I knew. My wife kneeling at the altar of practicality and my teenage daughters with instant pudding not readily available were going to be sales. Luckily, I’m currently attending a sales training gig.

But I was going to go, as Max does. After they stitched his heart together, he was always going back to the field.And after Coach Patterson left, he was always going back to the locker room.When they called number 15 , he was always going to go in.

Especially after spending a fortune on tickets and even more emotional capital this season.

Max goes.

A few months ago, I spent a week on Oahu with the same wife and daughters. While they were studying Doll Whips, I was studying Eddie Aikau. A legendary surfer and lifeguard, we’ve heard of his heroic commitment to his crew on a capsized Polynesian canoe.

Likewise, when Max’s season capped in 2021, he remained committed to them. and we. And, frankly, a commitment to his own team sinking faster and faster in this age of college athletics. Like Eddie, when the moment was darkest, Max was gone.

Luckily, all the Mourer girls were on board. If my wife and I did anything right, it was to raise sports fans. For Horned Frog fans in particular, we decided to venture into her 1,011 miles (1,011 miles) of uncharted waters.

Arriving about 15 hours after leaving Aledo, we stopped just to refuel and have lunch, wondering why the “low tire pressure” warning light was on north of Tucson. .

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