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Top 7 Foodie Destinations To Visit In 2023

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In keeping with the annual tradition of Taste Atlas announced the world’s best cuisine ranking. 95 major tourist destinations were rated for their excellent food, taking into account the quality of ingredients, regional varieties and national beverages. 7 particularly mouthwatering picks to bookmark for 2023. that is, you true foodie:

Top 7 foodie destinations to visit in 2023

7. Turkey

Turkey (formerly Turkey) is a country that straddles the Eurasian border and has a history spanning thousands of years. A country that shares close ties with Greece and has existed under several different empires, from the early Greek kingdoms to the ancient Romans to the Ottoman Empire, Mediterranean culture and food across borders.

According to TasteAtlas, the best rated Turkish dishes are: KaymakA creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream but thicker and traditionally made from buffalo, sheep or goat milk. Sujuka spicy fermented sausage popular not only in Turkey but throughout the Balkans, and Kebabsideways roasted lamb kebabs.

Traditional Simit, Turkish Bagel, Turkish Kai or Cup of Turkish Tea sitting on windowsill with view of Hagia Sophia in historic Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul, Turkey

6. Mexico

An undisputed America’s favorite, Mexico is not only an upscale winter sun getaway, but Cancun’s popularity cannot be underestimated, but it’s hugely popular. A cultural destination with a unique menu It draws on ancient Mesoamerican cuisine, rich in corn, beans and capsicums, and later has other Spanish and pan-European influences.

If you’re traveling to Mexico as a foodie, don’t forget to sample the world-famous Mexican cuisine. oaxaca cheesea white semihard originating from the state of the same name, Cajetas de Celayaa kind of Dulce de Leche Made from sweet, caramelized goat’s milk and of course the famous Mexican classic, corn tortillasChilaquiles), farm eggs (Huvos Rancheros) and tacos.

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Latin American woman preparing tacos in Mexico, Latin America

5. India

With 4.54 star rating on Taste AtlasIndians are One of the best Asian dishes in rankings. Some of the most popular and distinctive ingredients found around this territory are cumin. garam masalaa blend of ground spices added to dishes for flavor and color, ghee butter and tamarind.

India has at least 28 administrative districts, within which there are countless subdivisions. Diverse ethnic composition, the place where a particular custom or recipe is observed. Indian food is rarely of the same quality, which is what makes the country such a fascinating place to explore as a foodie.

Indian local food Indian street food from the streets of old Delhi, India, Asia

4. Japan

Traditionally based on rice and seafood, served raw or as Sushi Also sashimior pottery, Japanese food has expanded far beyond Japan’s borders through the foreign community (and their descendants), Internationalized like pizza and burritosIn fact, Japanese food is one of the top 15 most-ordered takeout foods in America.

While some may believe that it is not necessary to fly to the other side of the world to experience Japanese food culture, this cannot be farther from the truth. Taste Atlas Lists over 1200 local restaurants outstanding culinary choices From America, Kyoto’s popularity makes it worth the long trip Sushirakumi Sapporo’s award-winning Miyagawa.

Lanterns and signs lighting the dark streets of Tokyo

3. Spain

Spain is a well-established European foodie destination and the third highest ranked country. Taste AtlasIt straddles most of the Iberian Peninsula, which it shares with neighboring Portugal and parts of France, ancestral home of Paella, Churro, Patatas Bravas A wide selection of Mediterranean seafood recipes.

If you’re looking for a truly great gastronomic experience, don’t miss it. Casa Bigotehistorically Pueblo of Sanlucar de Barrameda, Del Oso, Michelin rated eatery near Cantabria Trendy in Barcelona, ​​Northern Spain Bar La PlataWhen Anako Santiago de Compostela, capital of Galicia.

Woman eating traditional spanish paella dish

2. Greece

Greek cuisine traces its origins to ancient Greece and Byzantium, but also incorporates elements of foreign cultures, especially those from Turkey, Italy, and South Slavs.Whether you are in Athens, cozy up on the Balkan mainland, or one of the many paradise Aegean islandslocally produced products remain a staple In many dishes:

Wheat, olive oil, vegetables, cereals, fish and meat, the most widely used being pork, poultry, beef and the latest runner-up Taste Atlas Ranked and reopened for tourism with no health-related entry requirements, Greece will certainly benefit from the recent surge in travel demand. Reviving interest in the Greek world.

Restaurant at the foot of the Acropolis hill in the Plaka district of Athens, Greece

1. Italy

Boasting a 4.72 star rating, more than any other destination surveyed,taly is the #1 vacation spot for foodies in 2023. from Arancini To Zabaglioneall your favorite dishes from A to Z are here, with a range of world-class restaurants. Trattoria Trippa in Milan and Amerigo Dal 1934 Name the couple in Savigno.

Italy also wants to introduce Americans to lesser-known destinations, offering to cover transportation costs from inside Italy to the chef’s specialty, Friuli Venezia Giulia. duck ragout PappardelleThere are other incredibly off-the-beaten-path regions with great cuisine, such as mountainous Abruzzo and Adriatic Puglia.

Group of female friends smiling as they choose food from a menu at a restaurant overlooking the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Expanded top 20

The top 20 best dishes in the world are displayed in full below.

  1. Italy
  2. Greece
  3. Spain
  4. Japan
  5. India
  6. Mexico
  7. Turk
  8. America
  9. France
  10. Peru
  11. China
  12. Brazil
  13. Portugal
  14. Poland
  15. Germany
  16. Indonesia
  17. Croatia
  18. Argentina
  19. Korea
  20. Vietnam

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