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These Countries Still Have Mask Mandates Going Into 2023

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Which countries still have mask requirements?

While the majority of countries around the world have lifted all entry restrictions for 2023, including vaccination requirements and pre-departure COVID testing, many still require masks.

woman taking off mask

As of the end of 2022, over 150 countries have lifted all entry restrictions.

That’s a far cry from two years ago when only six countries were on this list, or a year ago when much of the world was still plagued by COVID regulations.

However, mask mandates may still be in place in some countries (including those that have lifted vaccine and testing requirements).

Woman wearing a mask while traveling

This information is less readily available than other COVID-related restrictions. Therefore, this is not meant to be a complete list of all countries that still have mask mandates.

The countries on this list are popular destinations and may have lifted other restrictions but still have some form of mask mandate.

You can breathe free knowing that the vast majority of countries around the world no longer require masks under any circumstances, but these countries still have mask mandates as we enter 2023.

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Woman wearing a mask at the airport


Ecuador originally dropped its indoor mask mandate in late April of this year, but it will be reinstated on December 8 to apply to “indoor spaces where social distancing is not possible.”


In late November, Brazil found itself reinstating mask mandates in certain environments, such as airports and airplanes.

Woman wearing a mask and riding a bicycle


Masks are still required on public transport, including airports and planes.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has finally lifted most entry restrictions after completely shutting down tourism for nearly three years, but unfortunately the indoor mask mandate is still in effect in all indoor settings.


South Korea lifted all travel restrictions in October but made indoor masks mandatory in all indoor settings. Those who do not comply risk being fined.

However, this may be lifted in January 2023.

Commuters wearing face masks in South Korea's capital Seoul


Indonesia eased its strict mask restrictions earlier this year, but masks are still required on public transport and in “enclosed spaces” across the country.


Masks are still required on public transport, including airports and planes.


Masks are still required on public transport, including airports and planes.

Vietnam during COVID-19


Most of Austria has abolished mask requirements, but the city of Vienna still requires masks on public transport and in pharmacies. The use of heavy-duty FFP2 masks is compulsory in Vienna.


In Germany, masks are compulsory on all public transport throughout the country, including trains and buses.

Subway passengers wearing face masks during the Covid pandemic in Berlin, Germany


Another European country that is still sticking to mask mandates is Spain. Until at least March 2023, mandatory mask-wearing on public transport continues to apply, including on planes.


In Greece, it is compulsory to wear a mask on public transport (including ferries) and in pharmacies.


Egypt reopened without restrictions this summer, but the country still has strict indoor mask mandates.

Anyone who fails to comply with indoor mask mandates risks being fined or prosecuted.

Which countries don’t require masks?

Of the more than 150 countries that have lifted all entry restrictions, most of these countries no longer have mask requirements and few people continue to wear them.

However, certain countries, particularly Latin America and Asia, continue to make masks mandatory and voluntary.

If applicable, we encourage you to independently research a country before visiting to verify current mask requirements.

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