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The world’s ‘best’ villages for tourism have been anounced

(CNN) — Travel has changed in many ways since the pandemic began, but one of the changes for the better is the new impetus for rural tourism. I used to be keen on carving out another city break, but in lockdown I started dreaming of the great outdoors. That hasn’t changed even now.

Here are 32 new country spots to add to your list. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has produced its second annual list of the world’s ‘best’ rural areas.

This is a departure from the usual list of Instagrammable spots in the Peak tourist area. UNWTO is a United Nations agency focused on responsible tourism. So these villages were chosen because of how they increase the number of visitors without spoiling what visitors come to see. In a statement, UNWTO said:

“This honor recognizes rural destinations that embrace tourism as a driver of development and embrace new opportunities for jobs and incomes while preserving and promoting community-based values ​​and products. It also recognizes the village for its commitment to innovation and sustainability in all aspects — economic, social and environmental — and in developing tourism in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Focused.

A total of 32 villages worldwide made the list, out of 136 proposed villages from 57 UNTWO Member States. There is no ranking. Instead, destinations are listed alphabetically by country.

Pukeldon on Lemuy Island, Chile was on the list.

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Each country could submit up to three villages for consideration, but only Spain was able to qualify for all three villages. Rupit, Alquézar and Guadalupe are all on the list. To its neighboring country, Portugal, Castelonovo, one of the twelve historic villages surrounded by the Garduña Mountains, was her one entry point.

Austria starts the list with Zell am See. A small town, not a village, it sits on the shores of the quiet Lake Zell in the shadow of the Kitzbühel Alps. His brother, his Wagrain, is a small ski resort near Salzburg.

Chile is next, starting with Pukeldon, the largest of the nine villages on Lemuy Island in Chile’s Chiloe archipelago. China has found success in his two villages, Dazhai village in northern Guangxi and Jingzhu village in Chongqing city in southwestern China.

Zell am See is one of two Austrian spots on the list.

Zell am See is one of two Austrian spots on the list.

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One particularly interesting addition to the list is Chalk Mountain Village, an ecotourism village on Chalk Mountain about 200 miles northwest of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. The farming community utilizes solar energy, biogas and environmentally friendly waste management, implements sustainable land management, and has a fair where visitors can purchase local honey, coffee, medicinal herbs and beer to commemorate their stay. Introduced trade tourism.

Dubbed the ‘Best Tourism Villages’ initiative, the program will institute sustainable tourism and reduce emissions and waste while combating rural depopulation and promoting gender equality, innovation, infrastructure and investment. and aims to reduce income and development inequalities in the region. In a statement, UNWTO said the villages on the list were “clearly committed to innovation and sustainability in all its economic, social and environmental dimensions.”

Giglio Island in Italy is also on the list.

Giglio Island in Italy is also on the list.

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A parallel ‘upgrade program’ will support villages that did not meet the criteria for the full list and increase their chances of future success.

Here’s the full alphabetical list:

• Zell am See, Austria

• Wagrain, Austria

• Puqueldon, Chile

• Dazhai, China

• Jingzhou, China

• Choachi, Colombia

• Aguarico, Ecuador

• Angochagua, Ecuador

• Chalk Mountains Ecovillage, Ethiopia

• Mestia, Georgia

• Kfar Kama, Israel

• Sauris Zahre, Italy

• Isola del Giglio, Italy

• Umm Qais, Jordan

• Creel, Mexico

• El Fuerte, Mexico

• Ksar El Korbat, Morocco

• Moulay Bouzerktoune, Morocco

Llama, Peru

Lacchi, Peru

• Castelo Novo, Portugal

• South Korea, Pyeongsa-ri

• Rasinari, Romania

AlUla Old Town, Saudi Arabia

• Bohinj, Slovenia

• Rupit, Spain

• Alquezar, Spain

• Guadalupe, Spain

• Murten, Switzerland

• Andermatt, Switzerland

• Birgi, Turkey

•Thai Hai, Vietnam