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The top travel destinations for 2023, according to experts

“Africa is huge,” Brian Pentek, owner of Luxe Life Travel, tells his clients on a once-in-a-lifetime theme.

Most are in multi-generational groups who use the trip as a graduation gift or family reunion. not.

In addition to safari, Salvador incorporates How to experience local culture for your African clients, check out the food and drink scene, and bushcamp instead of staying in luxury lodges.In 2023, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania , sending travelers to Zambia. These countries are listed as one of his promising travel destinations in Scott Dunn’s summary compiled by luxury travel planners.

Niarra Travel’s most booked destinations also include South Africa, Victoria Falls (located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe) and Kenya, with trips to Tanzania’s Serengeti dominating bookings for Deeper Africa . Company owner Karen Zurauf said she’s noticed future travelers are more interested in adding active excursions such as “walking safaris, mountain biking, horseback riding, and more.”

For those who have already taken a traditional safari vacation, Carter recommends Namibia. It is a country where interest in Namibia is growing again. Here, travelers can take self-driving road trips (as opposed to guided trips) to travel between eco-his lodges or reach some locations by small plane. Some of the most remote places in the world, including the Skeleton Coast and Hoanibu Valley.