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The Service That Every Luxury Traveler Needs To Book

It’s safe to say that travel today is chaotic, even before a recent winter snowstorm wreaked havoc on an already messy situation across the United States. . Lost luggage. The lines at the airport are long. It’s impossible to get a customer service airline employee live on the phone, but oh well, we could go on.

Based on my opinion and my personal experience, I think booking a VIP airport concierge service is a must for any flyer, even if you’re on a tight budget. Track quickly and support your movement in big airports to establish connections, get out of baggage claim and out of the door, and take care of all your travel needs. Ground.

Travelers have several options for companies that offer airport concierge services. Each has its own selling point and works in a different way. I would like to share her personal experience with SkyVIP, which I tried earlier this year.

My story goes like this. My husband and I flew to Naples, Italy to spend a few days on the Amalfi Coast to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. The connection to Naples took her two hours after landing via Milan’s Malpensa airport. Our flight from New York was delayed, and as soon as we got off the plane, her SkyVIP concierge was waiting at the plane gate, but the connection failed.

A month later, my daughters and I flew from Heathrow Airport to Malaga, Spain. Heathrow is huge and not an easy airport to find your way around. Again, we had a close connection, but the SkyVIP concierge got us through the long security and customs lines and got us to the gate just in time. Without him, we definitely would have missed the connection.

Would you book SkyVIP again? Let’s just say you’ll never travel again without SkyVIP Concierge. This company has saved my trip twice for him!Because their service is available in over 150 airports worldwide and their meeters and concierges are well connected with airport employees and immigration officers , skip-the-line access. A meeter will meet you at the curb when you stop at the airport and stay with you until you board the plane.

Prices for services start at $375 for two.