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Nothing beats a surprise travel gift! US travelers rejoice.

In one of the best times of the year, consumers are more optimistic about the holiday season since the pandemic began, despite concerns about rising prices and the economy. Americans are looking forward to holiday shopping, but they’re even more excited about the 2023 holidays.

GetYourGuide survey finds more Americans planning a holiday trip this year than in 2021 (52% compared to 48% last year), putting travel at the top of the list of experiences they expect to surprise increase.

According to a survey shared by a travel booking platform, 77% of Americans would rather receive an experience than a physical gift if they could share it.

  • Surprise trip (63%),
  • Tickets for concerts and shows (50%),
  • outdoor activities such as skiing, boating and hiking (43%),
  • food tours or cooking classes (36%),
  • wine or beer tasting (31%),
  • Or a trip to a museum (29%).

Wanderlust also appears to be strong, with most respondents being picky and 96% willing to accept any of the top experiences listed above.

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