Southwest meltdown changes some Utes fans’ Rose Bowl travel plans

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The Southwest Airlines flight crisis has left many Utahans stranded and unable to reach their destinations. Many Utah fans planning to travel to California for the Rose Bowl aren’t sure their flight will make it.

Passengers will continue to receive messages about delays and cancellations. Several flights from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles or Burbank were canceled Wednesday.

The airline’s CEO said the company is working to get back to normal by next week. I don’t want to miss it.

Lifelong Utes fan Matthew Verrett’s flight to and from Los Angeles was not canceled, but his family decided to forego the flight and drive. He said relying on Southwest flights for departure wasn’t a risk they were willing to take.

On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, KSL-TV’s lifelong Utes fan Matthew Berrett discusses his trip to Pasadena to watch his Utah football team play in the Rose Bowl. Although his flight had not been canceled at the time of the interview, Berrett was not willing to risk relying on Southwest Airlines.

“We preemptively canceled flights,” said Verrett. “We don’t want to wake up on New Year’s Eve and go to the airport. It’s already crazy. We’re waiting in line and all of a sudden they say ‘sorry, it’s canceled’ and then he It’s eight o’clock. On New Year’s Eve, I have to drive late to Los Angeles. ”

Berrett and his wife purchased plane tickets for the Southwest a few weeks ago.

“The PAC-12 Championship is on Friday and I bought it in LA that Sunday,” he said.

Berrett drove to the match last year, but was hit by a snowstorm en route. He, his wife and his father now decide to take a flight.

“We were supposed to fly from Salt Lake to Denver and from Denver to LAX,” he said. “It’s five hours for him to fly there and back, but at first I thought it would beat the 14-hour drive.”

Anger over Southwest Airlines’ spate of flight cancellations continued to mount on Thursday as the company issued a further apology for the crisis, which has entered the eighth day after hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded or delayed. , the high-ranking official demanded action.

They heard about the Southwest Airlines meltdown on Monday and were monitoring the situation.

“I texted my dad just saying, ‘You don’t look good,'” Berrett said. “My father texted me his message saying, ‘The CEO just made a video.'”

They saw cancellations and luggage pile-ups, but the southwest flight was still scheduled to depart.

“They still said they got there on time, but I’m still hearing from the Southwest saying, ‘Get ready for the flight to Los Angeles! It’s going to be so great! I was like, ‘Yeah,'” Berrett said.

They decided to drive instead on Wednesday morning.

“We had some refunds and credits, but who knows if we’ll use them,” he said.

They said the expedition was worth it.

“We have to see them win, we have to,” said Berrett. “And if it does, and I hope it does, it will be in the history books.”

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